Business English

Pre-requisite: Intermediate (B1+)

Specifically tailored for working professionals, Business English offers lessons with topics covering many asspects of international business and commerce. The focus is to familiarze students with the English language used in any particular business situation. Students will learn to effectively communicate by understanding business concepts in English and practicing the specefic vocabulary needed for fluency. 

Discussions, debates, presentations, and role-play exercises are just some of the ways teachers will engage students in business English discourse. Topics in Finance, Networking, Marketing, Advertising, Travel, Negotiation, and many others will provide you with a broad spectrum of how the English language is used in a business environment.

What to Expect

Increase knowledge of key business terms and concepts.

Write and read short business reports, emails, or memos.

Expand your business-related vocabulary.

Express work ideas, opinions, and procedures.

Make a sales pitch or present a proposal.

Speak with more fluency, accuracy, and confidence when communicating with your colleagues, clients, or business partners in English.