Terms of Service

The terms outlined below entail the agreement as a whole between Education Technology and Logical Solutions Inc. (ETLS) and you, the user of vipa2z.com's products or services.


By purchasing any product or services from www.vipa2z.com, you agree to fully accept the Terms described below. 


Last Updated: August 28, 2020

  1. Service

  2. Fees, Payments & Refunds

  3. Technical Issues & Requirements

  4. Scheduling Conditions

  5. Teacher Issues

  6. Session Cancellation & Late Starts

  7. Learning Plan Duration

  8. Homework

  9. Quality Control

  10. Interpretation




Vipa2z.com arranges qualified teachers that deliver online language lessons via a web-based language learning platform and Zoom conferencing software. All accounts are activated after successful payment processing and remain accessible for up to 7-days after the final paid-for lesson is complete.


Fees, Payments & Refunds


All fees are for services rendered during a 45 or 60-minute online class. Prices are represented as price-per-session (class) and all lessons may require one or two sessions to complete. Transactions are made through accepted credit cards or PayPal. Once payment has been processed, a notification will be sent via email and classes will be arranged within 7 business days of the purchase date.


If a student has purchased a Learning Plan but hasn't started classes yet, a full refund can be provided if a request for cancellation is made at least 7-days (168 hours) before the start of the first class. Any notification provided with less than 7-days notice will be subject to a $25 surcharge (deducted from the refunded amount).


If a student has already begun classes but wishes to cancel the existing Learning Plan, only unused classes will be refunded. Notification of cancelation intentions should be provided at least 7-days (168 hours) before the next and final class. Any notification provided with less than 7-days notice will be subject to a $25 surcharge (deducted from the refunded amount).


To request a refund, complete and submit the Refunds Form here.


Note: Refunds can take up to 14-days to process due to bank procedures or policies.


Technical Issues & Requirements


In order to ensure your learning is uninterrupted, it is recommended that all computers are in good working order and meet the following minimum requirements.



  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.X or above; Windows 7 or above; Chrome operating system.

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or above.

  • Memory: At least 4GB RAM

  • Network: Stable internet connection with a minimum download speed of 20Mbps. (Click here to test your internet speed.).



  • Enhancements: Webcam, external microphone, earphones/headphones, and/or headset.


Students using a portable device such as a mobile phone or tablet must meet zoom.us minimum requirement for software installation in order to participate in a class. (Click here to see more information.).

Vipa2z is not responsible for any classes missed due to technical problems from the student’s side.


Scheduling Conditions


Classes will be scheduled according to the student's selected preferences or teacher availability. Vipa2z always endeavors to designate and schedule a teacher within 7  business days of the Learning Plan purchase date. Occasionally, however, due to high demand, classes may take up to 14 business days to arrange.


All class times stated on a student's schedule will be based on Toronto, Canada, Eastern Standard Time (EST/DST). We recommend using a time converter to accurately convert the local time into EST/DST. (Click here to convert your local time.).


Students are responsible for checking their assigned schedule and letting us know if any adjustments are required.  Vipa2z is not responsible for missed classes due to wrong booking times or dates.


Teacher Issues


All of our teachers are professional, polite, and experienced, and we have full confidence in their abilities and performance. If you are not satisfied with the teacher we have arr to you, you may submit a Feedback Form to inform us of the issue.


Students may only submit a request for teacher issues that may be regarded as genuinely hindering the learning process. This includes issues related to teacher conduct, performance, attendance, or any other legitimate reason. Reasons such as a teacher’s regional accent or pronunciation will not be considered valid as all of our teachers are native speakers.


If an issue is so severe that it warrants a teacher substitution, any changes made to the schedule may require up to 14-days to take effect. Vipa2z reserves the right to make the final decision on how to proceed with rectifying any situation in this regard.


Session Cancellations, Interruptions & Late Starts


Class cancellations need 24-hour advanced notice. This can be done by completing and submitting a Class Changes Form. Classes canceled less than a 24-hour prior to the class’s starting time shall be lost and become unredeemable. 


If a teacher cancels a class with less than 24-hour prior notice,  the student will retain that class and it will be rescheduled for a future date. If the class is canceled 12 hours or less prior to a scheduled class time, the student will get a free class.


Students late for a class shall end the class as initially scheduled. If a teacher is more than 5 minutes late for a class, the class can be canceled and rescheduled for a future date pending student request.  

Classes in progress that are interrupted and can no longer be continued due to unforeseen issues from the student’s side shall be canceled and the student shall lose that paid-for class. If the problem occurs from the teacher’s side, the student can cancel the class by completing the Feedback Form. Classes canceled in this way shall be rescheduled for a future date. 


Learning Plan Duration


All learning packages have a limited time for completion. The time allowed for students to complete their assigned curriculum is based on the number of classes they have purchased. Generally, for every 6 paid-for classes, a student is allowed 30 days to complete their studies.


After expiry, any unused classes become void and unredeemable.




Teachers may provide a short, online assignment as part of their teaching strategy. Doing homework after class is an integral part of the learning process and essential to achieving language success. Although homework assignments are not compulsory, vipa2z cannot guarantee a students' English language advancement if they choose not to complete the assigned homework.

Quality Control


In order to provide students with the highest quality education, vipa2z occasionally requests teachers to record a teaching session. Recording requests are issued at random and are used for evaluating and improving class and teaching quality. All recordings are deleted after a final assessment.



If a dispute arises due to the interpretation of the terms in this agreement, the English version will override all other language versions.